about us

About us

We, these are people who have come from an inner dialogue with God
are called to the living following of Christ.

“We are children of God”

We orient ourselves to the Holy Scripture, we align ourselves to the good and to conscience, that is, to our inner word, as well as to Christian wisdom teachings and models, in the last instance, to Jesus Christ himself. 

All this is intended to serve as a living expression of Christian living. 

The human being and his salvation and, connected to this, his entire living environment are at the centre of our attention, which is directed towards the return to God. 

We do not belong to any denomination and do not want to be or become a denomination in the conventional sense. 

We serve in the great church of Christ, whose head is Jesus Christ. 





= legal carrier

= the new covenant with God

= Unity of Christianity

= Christian lifestyl

We seek the Kingdom of God within us!

Praised be Jesus Christ. 
For enternity.