“Successful learning for and with each other, working, living and being in the following of Jesus Christ”

The term anagogy covers everything that concerns spiritual people on our earth. It is a holistic view of life. It is a view that connects and unites us people of all generations and levels of development with all areas of life that touch us as human beings, that sees us as a total work of art and that has the leading to God in Jesus Christ as its highest goal.

Dimension 1 - The human being

All generations, social and cultural layers involved

The aim is to enable people of all ages and levels of development, according to their needs and nature, and including all levels (body, mind and soul), to ascend to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Dimension 2 - Its environment

All aspects of life

Here it is a matter of letting Christian communities of learning, work, life and faith come into being and building up, which enable us human beings to go the way up (“To”) or back (“Religio”) to God, in our lives and on this earth.

Dimension 3 - God

Leading to God

“I am the way, the truth and the life.” It is about the following of Christ. It’s about becoming more and more like God. And it is about how we can help, support and assist each other, as part of his body, to achieve this goal.