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Our path of living and harmonious community

The “gold” of community is so versatile, multifaceted and multilayered, as well as rich and profound, and shows itself to us as a central element of the creative principle of life, because it has a unifying, healing and versatile-creating effect at the same time.

 A community as a centre and expression of living faith and prayer, of hope and confidence, of healing and peace, of learning and mutual growth, of giving sharing and fulfilling work, of simple, joyful and intense living with and for each other, and of unconditional being with and in service to God and our neighbours.

A worldly as well as spiritual union in the individual partnerships, marriages and families, through the mergers into enterprises, organizations and communities, up to the great union of humanity, as the true body of Christ, united and redeemed by Christ. Here we provide inspiration and an overview of what the “gold” of community means for us individually and as a whole. 

One of the most essential principles of life is that everything in our lives is constantly changing and that we as human beings are destined to learn and grow constantly. This is all well and good, because only then can we be part of the work of redemption and gradually return to where we came from.

“We must be the change we want to see in this world”

And we recognize ourselves in the life situations and personality traits of our fellow human beings, among other things. That is why it is so important for us humans to live in a diverse and above all deep relationship structure on the one hand and to create and maintain a peaceful and trusting culture of learning and development in this relationship structure on the other. It is about becoming, being and remaining a learning organism as an individual as well as a community.

This means learning to learn as a community, to work and live, to get to know oneself, to learn to live one’s calling, to learn to be there for others, to learn to recognize and walk God’s ways, and much more.

An important building block for a successful life by and with people is a decent supply. In order to live well and fulfil our respective roles and tasks properly, we need a simple and healthy mixture of spiritual and material goods. And in order to be able to touch this mixture, we need a multifaceted community, consisting of people who stand up for each other and who create and cultivate these two goods for themselves and others according to their gifts and find ways to distribute these goods for the benefit and edification of man, community and creation, so that all are decently provided for.

“All who believed in Jesus held together and shared all that they possessed”

Goods are good. Therefore, goods in this context are everything that is good and beneficial for us humans and for creation.

Faith in Jesus Christ, trust in the reliability of his teaching and the orientation towards his message, and the consequent inner certainty that we are beloved children of God on the way home, from which the meaning of life springs, is the unifying force that holds communities together and makes them flourish, from which in turn the support that people need on their paths is born.

The community of faith is first and foremost a spiritual community that bridges and endures space and time. It shows itself to us in two dimensions: The “small” and the “large” community of faith.

The “small” community is that of those people who learn, work and live directly with and for each other, i.e. partnerships, families, communities, companies, organisations and life communities. It refers to everyday life, the relationship and care structures that have grown up locally for all those people who are in that community, its customs, rituals, practices, needs, structures, conditions and circumstances. To the best of its knowledge and conscience, it focuses on the Original Christian community in order to be a building block for the greater whole.

“Where two or three are together in my name, I am in the midst of them”

The “great” community is the great union of united Christians. It is interdenominational, that is, it unites all denominations and non-denominations, whether intentionally or unintentionally, consciously or unconsciously. It is, in the truest sense of the word, all-encompassing, not by human hands, but through Christ himself, wanted, built and led by the Father. In the final analysis, it encompasses the whole of humanity, as well as the whole of creation. It refers to the great whole, to the great love and the great work of redemption, it does not look at the differences, it does not separate, but is patient, uniting and unifying. It works and is there, whether we see it or not. She is the new house, the new world, the new creation that God is building and everything and everyone is on the way there in some way. This is what humanity is learning from the beginning. And it will grow up and it will live in the house of the Lord for all time. It is the true church (ecclesia means spiritual gathering or communion), the true body of Christ. She is the way into the “New Jerusalem”.

“…and on this rock I will build my church (Ekklesia, i.e. spiritual assembly or community)”

The “pure gold” of a community is the rock of Jesus Christ.

Work, as the creative act of our humanity, is a very decisive element for our satisfaction, happiness, well-being, success and ultimately for a fulfilled life.

Part of our human existence is that sooner or later we learn to work together with others in a first-class way, to recognize who has which tasks, talents and gifts and what, when, how, by whom and for whom should be done.

Only in this way can we achieve great things. This cooperation enables us to fulfill and realize our individual and common goals, as well as the possibility to create something for ourselves and others that is good and useful for us, something that has stood the test of time, something that our future generations can build on, something that serves our salvation and that of others.

A life community is a common spiritual as well as material space in which the life of partners, friends, siblings, families and heart relatives takes place. It is the centre of life for the people of a community and offers all the structural and soulful qualities that are essential for the people of that community.

A life community is like a large family, many different individuals who have voluntarily and from the purest of hearts joined together to form a living organism in order to organize and live a life in abundance together.

They are ready to confide in and expect each other, and together they develop their own internal culture, a domestic custom, which is the result of their living together. They share joys and sorrows with each other and vouch for each other, for the common goals and for the common organism in self-responsibility. They are there for each other, help and support each other in all situations in life.

The essence of a successful community, whether “big” or “small”, is the living and active service to God and our neighbor. It is the most blessed way of living together when we serve one another according to our abilities, gifts and talents, when we discover, awaken and express the “apostle in us” in the service of the Lord. This spiritual attitude of standing up for one another, of helping one another, of caring for one’s own and one another’s souls, is the key to our true vocation. At the same time, it is important to recognize that there are innumerable expressions of this spiritual attitude in and between us human beings, all of which constitute a building block in the whole. We are called by Christ to give ourselves to this calling. The servanthood of following Jesus Christ is our true calling.

It is not important what we write here, but what we make of it

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