Devotion tour

Devotion tour

We bring our devotions to your home

Together we sing and pray for our neighbours and for God’s glory. From heartfelt praise to intimate prayer circles, from exciting Bible study to liberating spiritual counselling, there is something for everyone. 

Why do we celebrate devotions?

Because celebrating devotions is the best care for our souls and at the same time a service to God. Singing, praying and celebrating together refreshes, strengthens and nourishes our souls. Through this we are connected with our Creator, with His LOVE and FULNESS. This is how realisation, healing, redemption and liberation become possible in and around us. 

And this is how it works:

1) Send us your request/concern

Is there a special occasion, a special need, a desired topic or a particular situation for your request? Let us know. We will respond to it or refer to it. 

2) Appointment

We will contact you as soon as possible to arrange an appointment and to set the framework for the prayer. 

3) Share & Invite

If you wish, share your devotional date with friends, family and all your loved ones with whom you would like to worship. 

4) We celebrate devotions with you

We bring everything we need for the devotion (song books, instruments, bible, etc…).  You provide the room, the ambience and the supplies. Of course, you can also bring your instruments, bibles, etc. 

Here we go!

Team LIEBE on devotion tour



Living and active LOVE

Living and passing on Jesus’ LOVE



Merciful LOVE

Embracing Jesus’ LOVE and letting it work


Max Mustermann or YOU?

Your vocation title

Your task in Team LIEBE

Join us on devotion tour

Would you like to be part of Team LIEBE on devotion tour and be there for other people together with us, stand by them, sing, pray and celebrate with them? Then just do it! We cordially invite you to do so. 

Tell us which part you want to/can take on in Team LIEBE and how you would like to contribute yourself and your gifts and talents for the people on our devotion tour. 

We look forward to your participation. 

Your Team LIEBE