The Essence

For a building to be not only a hollow space, but a living and serving place, it is necessary that each house is lively and enriched with life. The people and their way of dealing with each other and the culture in which people meet, in which they mature, heal, become responsible, peaceful and exemplary, shows which spirit prevails in a place and is therefore an indicator of the quality of life in that place.

 In order to create places of peace, independence, healing, liberation and unfolding, it requires a solid common ground, a high common goal, some time and an anagogy that cultivates all those aspects in, around and between people that are just necessary so that, little by little, gently and gently, perseveringly and determinedly, a seed can become a flowering rose and eventually a multifaceted blooming rose garden.

What is anagogy at its core?

“Love God above all else and your nearest and dearest as yourselves”

Anagogy is our so-called software, our attitude and disposition, in which we, called by Christ, prepare a spiritual and physical space in which, through active work on ourselves, as well as living role models and targeted coaching, healthy relationship and care structures between people can grow and flourish, in which people of all generations, social and cultural layers can learn to incline towards each other and fertilise each other, in lively groups and communities, learn from each other, work together, live for each other and pray together, thereby following Christ and becoming ever more like God.

“Seek first the kingdom of God in yourself, all else will be given to you without effort”

…is the true service to creation. Alignment with the good and with that which is most beneficial to creation is our duty. If we ask ourselves the question, “What serves creation most at the moment?” we will get the right answers. To obey this voice within us and to act according to it will bring forth the very best for creation and thus also for us. This service is the essence of our existence.

“Try to bring your neighbor closer to God than you are”

The anagogue is a holistic mentor and pathfinder, oriented towards the good and the conscience, who, despite his experience and role model role in the relationship with children, adults and elders, sees himself as a learner and through his own relationship with God, can enable and effect development and change on all levels in, through and around himself, especially for his counterpart.

It is the inner call of a person to work on himself and to want to be there and stand up for other people and groups of people, to support them, to stand by them and to help them to progress adequately on their personal and impersonal ways.

“All in HIS own good time,” they say. To give oneself, other people and the things the time that is needed for what is to be created to grow and prosper naturally and vigorously. Resting in oneself, letting God work and thereby creating a relaxed field of peace and serenity, also for those around him, from which people can pour creative power, wisely and at leisure, according to God’s will, into forms.

Consider the human being as a whole (body, soul, spirit and environment). Practice unity with other people. Forgiveness as a way of peace, love, compassion and healing. Becoming aware of the effects of negative energies and beings and their causes, recognizing and dissolving them and thereby bringing about healing for body, soul and the environment. To be completely healed, powerful and healthy.

Voluntarily, with joy and in the spirit of Jesus Christ, to play the game of wanting to be a good, mature and virtuous person, as a servant of creation. Striving for higher good, looking at everything and keeping the good.

“We are known by our fruits”.

We want to walk, live and pass on a path that leads to independence according to God’s will, guided, inspired and strengthened by a trained conscience, by noble and inner skills, virtues and knowledge. To let ourselves be led, as well as to pass on God’s guidance, to pass on His love.

“My life is my teaching“, said Gandhi – To recognize the mirrors of life and to be the change we desire. Loving and determined, gentle and clear and to be an example and blessing for all people and creation around us.

“Because we reap what we sow”.

To create spaces, structures and rituals in which body, mind and soul are appropriately strengthened, nourished and cared for, so that abundance and freedom on all levels can arise in, through and around us humans.

You want more?

What anagogy means...

The word “anagogy” is composed of the two terms “an” and “agogy” and means, translated, the holistic leading (up) of children, young people, adults and elders to God.

The word “an” describes the part of the all-encompassing leading (up) to God. In the divine hierarchy everything is based on the fact that, as on a “stairway to heaven”, every being is helped from a “higher” being to the next stage of development and every being helps another being to reach the next stage of development. It is a constant, harmonious giving and taking and thus growing together. In this way all creatures, physical and spiritual, become more and more similar to God. We try to use and live the principle of this spiritual law in our anagogy.

The word “agogy” means holistic guiding and accompanying of people of all ages, as well as of all social and cultural layers, especially of those people in difficult life situations, as well as advising and assisting them in all areas concerning human life.  For general understanding, agogy can be divided into three sub-categories: pedagogy, andragogy and gerontagogy.

Leading and accompanying children and young people, through holistic and life-oriented teaching, as well as actively leading all important aspects of life that are essential for the people of tomorrow, taking into account their individual talents and gifts, as well as the common good and the needs of our world of tomorrow.

Education of the heart and conscience as two essential basic elements for future generations. 

Adult education and working on oneself, as the key to a good, successful and fulfilling life. To learn to change one’s own working and living environment and to decide consciously to give life a new direction. Learning and living self-responsibility and independence. No matter what context people come from, no matter what circumstances they have to struggle with, there is a way of healing, forgiveness and salvation. Being decently cared for, living healthy relationships, reaching spiritual and social maturity and actively and positively shaping one’s life and environment is possible for everyone.

Give the elders back their honour and dignity! Elders, assume your role and responsibility as wise advisors to our society! It takes a good portion of good will, relationship skills and willingness to be kind when the grandfathers and grandmothers of experience and wisdom meet the children of this and future generations. It is often difficult not to pillory each other and to go separate ways out of frustration. Through spiritual work we can reap the different fruits that both sides bear and use them together in a meaningful way. Accepting help, being cared for, entrusting and expecting the “young” to work and take responsibility, as well as making a personal contribution to the common good, as spiritual advisors, as only elders can do in families, communities and society, is the right and duty of elders. This must be practiced, learned, and lived.