jesus basic income

Jesus Basic Income

The Jesus Basic Income is meant to enable people who live their faith, who carry a mission, a ministry or a calling within themselves, to live it actively and to express it for creation. 

What’s at issue?

There are many people who want to put themselves unconditionally, devotedly and gratuitously at the service of a good cause or their neighbor. Help them to do what is good and right, but is not “yet” rewarded by our society. Or make it possible for people who are directly called by Jesus Christ to be able to exercise their ministry without restriction. 

We also offer you the possibility to start your own fundraising campaign for people you care about in just a few steps within 5 minutes. 

Set up a donation order quickly, easily and straightforwardly

You are also welcome to dedicate your donation to a specific project, a special situation or a particular person/group of people. 

Who do we support?

  • People who actively live and exemplify Christian values
  • People who actively follow Jesus Christ
  • People who perform an essential service for a good cause or their neighbor
  • People who feel an inner mission

The donations are made individually and situationally, but always directly to the beneficiaries.

You feel called or have an inner mission to fulfill?

I enable people to pursue their calling and serve

Start your own fundraising campaign for people you care about