Our Mission

We just do it!

We work with heart, head and hands on the practical implementation, change and merging of socially essential issues such as education, health, environmental awareness, work culture and community life in order to create a holistic learning, work and community culture that serves the common good and promotes growth, in which Christian values are lived and actively exemplified. 

In practical terms this means initiating, founding, encouraging, accompanying, supporting and networking holistic schools, so-called “school villages” and other educational initiatives and institutions, as well as diverse Christian living, working and prayer spaces. 

And we pass on our knowledge and experience, but above all our inner attitude and spirit for learning, teaching, working and spiritual life, which has an impact on all areas of learning, working and living and which creates the basis for future generations and for the orientation towards a happy and fulfilled life.

Support our mission

Change and shape the educational landscape!

Life is school. And because life lasts longer than schooling in the conventional sense, we are primarily concerned with lifelong learning as a life principle. And this concerns all of us, whether children, young people or adults, whether teachers, parents, learning companions, educators or school founders, regardless of our origin, gender, "social class" or culture. Lifelong learning also concerns not only the cognitive field of knowledge, but the wholeness of the human being, consisting of body, mind and soul, and all aspects of our personal, intellectual, emotional and social life.

Renew work culture!

True work is active love. We want to put the essence of this guiding principle into every one of our actions, into everything we do, create and build, into everything we touch, move, shape and change, yes, into everything we create and design, nurture, protect and care for with all the strength and devotion from our hearts. Working in the service of creation and our neighbor is a principle for the creation of healthy relationship and care structures and thus also for healing and beneficial companies and organizations. It is about bringing nature and culture, society and environment, as well as ecology and economy back into a good balance and closing holistic cycles that are beneficial to all participants in this creation.

Develop community culture!

Successful community between partners, in families and beyond in all areas of our lives is one of the most essential building blocks for a happy and contented life. There is not one area in our lives where we are not in contact with, benefit from or depend on other people. And so, a healthy order in the interpersonal sphere and beyond that, lively and first-class cooperation on all levels is essential, sometimes a great challenge, but always a gift.