Partners & Sponsors

“The way is the goal”

Common goals lead us on common paths. We thank our partners and sponsors for our common path.

The Anagogic Academy is our institute for research, development, transfer and practical application of holistic and Christian-anagogical life contents in the field of adult education. On the one hand it imparts contents from our wealth of knowledge and experience and on the other hand it accompanies people in difficult situations.  

The charitable foundation Union vereinter Christen is a platform of living give and take, whose purpose is on the one hand to preserve nature and creation and on the other hand to create living spaces for sustainable and holistic educational, working and community projects, as well as for a successful life for and with each other. 

Through Jesus Christ we are one body, made up of many members, called by his Spirit and endowed with many gifts. Together, on behalf of the Lord, we bake the Bread of Life for our neighbours, for communion and to feed the poor and people in need. 

Loving life – living love. We are people who lovingly put ourselves and our gifts and talents at the service of our fellow human beings for the benefit of the whole congregation. We explore and live the great love of our Lord Jesus Christ and pass on this love as Team LIEBE in following Him.