support us!

Support us!

“We burn for a good cause. Let us together be light that fills the darkness”

There are many ways to do good. Help us make a difference. 1) Start your own fundraising campaign now, 2) support our organization with a free donation, 3) support one of our projects directly, become 4) a supporting member or 5) a sponsor. You are also welcome to 6) dedicate your donation to a person of your heart or you support us 7) directly on our mission. 

1) Start your own fundraising campaign

We offer you the possibility to start your own donation project for people and projects that are close to your heart within 5 minutes. 

2) Free donation

Everybody likes presents, we do too. If you would like to support our work and projects, you can do so quickly, safely and easily here. 

“I’ll light a candle for you”

3) Project related donations

Hand on your heart and “action”. Help us and support one of our projects quickly, safely and uncomplicated right here. 

4) Become a supporting member!

A supporting member is someone who supports an association through a regular financial contribution of his or her choice. This makes our work possible and you become part of our vision.
That’s how it works:

2. Print and fill in the form

3. Send scanned and signed to:

or by post to:
Verein Union vereinter Christen
Knolled 1
5162 Obertrum am See

4. Easy, secure and uncomplicated transfer of the supporting membership fee: 

Many thanks for your support!

Do you need help?

5) Become a sponsor!

Taking over a sponsorship means continuously taking responsibility for people, situations, a cause or a project that is close to your heart as a supportive sponsor at our side. 

Many thanks for your commitment!

You need help or more information about sponsorships?

You want to do more than just support us and our projects financially? This is how it works: 

6) Dedicate your donation!

Here you can dedicate your donation to a person who is close to your heart and make him/her a gift of this dedication as a blessing. Directly after your donation you will receive a printable donation certificate by e-mail (PDF file). This certificate confirms your donation and contains the amount donated, your name, the name of the recipient and a small blessing for your heart person.

7) Support our mission

Help us to build bridges, overcome divides, conquer mountains and find solutions to master essential topics and challenges together. 

Our bank account details

You are also welcome to send us a donation of your choice at any time:

Verein Union vereinter Christen
Intended use: FREE DONATION
Intended use: DONATION + “PROJECT of your choice

IBAN: AT94 2021 9000 2106 5362