We make God’s warmth and comfort tangible for people in need. Together we bring colour into people’s lives.

We call on people to donate wool that they no longer need or that they are happy to provide.

From the wool we knit socks, jumpers, caps and other items of clothing, which we then give to people who are homeless, who are cold in the cold season and who could do with a little warmth and colour in their lives. 

We cordially invite you to do this together with us. 

Perhaps you also have baskets, boxes and shelves full of wool in your attics, cellars, storerooms and closets that are already a bit dusty and just waiting to be used as clothing for other people?

Let us together create abundance from this wool for people in need. So that LOVE can be felt where it is most needed.

Wool donations are welfare donations. We process all your wool donations into beautiful, warm and lovingly knitted garments and then pass them on to the homeless for their benefit. 

You are also welcome to start making your own garments from your wool and then send them to us or share them with people in need. 

If you need help knitting or prefer to knit together with others, please let us know at any time. We would also be happy to come to your home, organise a knitting event or connect you with other “warmth project knitters”. 

Our contact for enquiries and wool donations

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5162 Obertrum am See

Website of Hemma Brandstetter
"Strick mir was"

If you would like to, you are also welcome to buy your own wool in addition to what you have at home and make it available to us for the warmth project.

We recommend you to buy the wool from Hemma Brandstetter – founder & owner of “Strick mir was” (also possible online). She only processes high-quality wool that is organically produced in Austria, ecologically justifiable, species-appropriate and partly recycled. 

Thus, on the one hand we support and honour her work and on the other hand we get the highest quality and most holistic wool for our warmth project and thus also for people in need. 

For those of you who would like to support us financially, we have set up a special donation page. 

With your donations we finance two small hand-operated knitting machines and buy high-quality wool for our warmth project through “Strick-mir-was”. 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your giving and your gifts. 

Click here for the Warmth-Project donation page

Thank you on behalf of all who benefit!