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Our way of a useful, meaningful and public welfare cooperation.

“Work is the way from a good seed to a bountiful harvest”

We want to create and further develop a legal, economic and, above all, practical life and service basis, in which genuine community work, care, economy and household are possible, oriented towards the common good and nature, taking into account the demands of our society and the needs of individual people and living beings, as well as working, supplying, managing and keeping house according to our principles of creation.

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Service to creation

We consciously and intentionally refrain from accumulating “personal possessions” in our work and our lives, because we are convinced that all material and spiritual goods on this earth belong solely to our Creator and that these are only temporarily entrusted to us as His children and future heirs, to cooperate in His work of redemption. Therefore, we place all our actions and work, indeed our entire life and being, at the service of God, for a better, more peaceful and united world, as well as for all creatures living on this planet.

“Not one of them considered anything of what belonged to him as his personal property, rather they shared everything they owned with each other”.

That is why all our business, economic and budgetary activities are based on the principle of “creative lending”, in jointly supported and organized undertakings and communities, dedicated to a non-profit foundation, for the responsible construction, management and preservation of a heritage dedicated to our Creator and His principles, as well as to His will and the best possible care of all assets. In doing so, we allow ourselves to be consciously guided, think in terms of generations and want to act in such a way that all our actions and activities are for the benefit of this and future generations (7-generation principle). 

We are a platform and a hub to steer the tithe into blessed paths. Private individuals, companies and organisations can provide us with their toe, i.e. 10% of their private income or their business income and turnover. In this way we help people and families in need, or those who are in difficult situations, and support disadvantaged and needy people of various kinds in all matters for the material and spiritual improvement of the life situations of such people, our fellow human beings. In addition, we are especially committed to education, but also to the protection and preservation of our nature and creation, as well as all its living beings. 

Take responsibility

We want to stand up for our neighbor, for a successful for and with one another among human beings, for the good in human beings, for social justice, for human rights and human dignity, for the rights of children and the unborn, the weak, the sick, the oppressed, the disadvantaged, the needy and the single. We want to bundle the diversity of life for the benefit and blessing of all and integrate it into our working world and beyond. We want to go forward courageously and in an exemplary manner, we want to try to reverse opposites and create synergies, we want to be guided by our conscience and accordingly do the “right thing”. Our work should have a unifying, healing and peace-making effect on people and their environment. 

In all our actions and activities we want to build and maintain healthy ecosystems between man and nature and in this sense promote and create a strong connection to a mutually beneficial symbiosis between economy and ecology. We are concerned with creating and maintaining functioning cycles for all beings involved in life. Ultimately, our efforts are directed towards bringing nature, society and creation into harmony and to act and live accordingly. 

We want to create stable and vibrant economic areas where meaningful cooperation and a strong sense of togetherness are lived, where service is the main focus and where people know and live their vocation. We want to create a breeding ground in which companies and organizations are supported together and in which a common sense, mission and service of the respective organization in our world and for creation grows and flourishes. We want to create a network of people and organisations that is a model for holistic economic responsibility. 

Change the world sustainably!

Follow your inner call!

New working culture

We research and promote healthy and intact relationship and care structures in organisations. It is about creating and growing a healthy and natural order in the interpersonal sphere, which is neither based on a system of strictness and control, nor on a random and arbitrary principle, but on authentic and living relationships, as well as nourishing a strong for- and with each other. It is about an order that serves all people in their wholeness, in which they can find themselves, in which they can grow into, which gives them support and security, in order to grind out the best version of themselves for themselves, their fellow human beings, the organisation and the whole of creation. It is a culture of mutual building, upliftment and service on the most diverse levels, in the most diverse roles and tasks of an organization. 

We must learn to look at people and their environment in all their wholeness, so that if we are able to see this gift, we can change our organizations and companies accordingly. We humans are complex spiritual beings consisting of body, soul and spirit, with feelings, worries, insults, injuries, needs, preferences, dreams, wishes and ideas. We come from certain families and live in certain environments. Each one of us has strengths, gifts and talents, but is also fallible and has weaknesses. And we come into this world with an inner calling that we want to fulfill. When we open ourselves to it, we see that we are all destined for great things. We must learn to see people not as machines, production factors or jobs, but as what they really are, God’s children in service.  

Despite all the usefulness of economic models and structures, as well as legal constructs, which can also be useful and necessary, it is at the same time essential and indispensable for a healthy organization that we continue to see ourselves as a living and learning organism, both on a small and large scale, which breathes and adapts and changes according to the circumstances and circumstances. A company’s service to society can change over the years, through other needs, requirements and social challenges. So can the tasks, goals and roles of the people who work in the organization. It must not only be possible in organizations, but also be lived practice that everyone is constantly working, learning, changing and developing, because this growth ultimately determines whether or not an organization acts in a meaningful, beneficial and successful way for its employees, customers, suppliers, as well as all those involved and affected. 

Companies and organizations are like living organisms, of which all participants are parts. Like the organs and cells of a body. The art is not to suffocate in rigid rules, constructs and hierarchies, but to perceive and explore and sense the mission of an organisation in our world as a service to creation, in order to find out the respective vocations of the individual people in that organisation, to fulfil organically, as a living and complex organism together with others what our hearts, each individual for himself and us as a whole organisation has to tell us. Organizations must be living places of for and with one another, serving the needs of all involved, our society and creation. 

The legal context

Ultimately, we are also concerned with creating a legal framework for companies, organisations and communities that favours, enables and encourages all of the above principles and concepts, as well as their practical implementation, while at the same time providing a solid and legal basis for such undertakings. The basis for this is always a common spiritual attitude and spirit between people. The legal framework should be a servant for this union and this cooperation, as well as the goals of those people, but never an end in itself. 

It is not important what we write here, but what we make of it

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